MisterNeck FAQ

Question: How long does it take to get relief?
Answer: The MisterNeck™ provides both immediate relief (in as little as 15 minutes a day) as well as long-term relief with repeated use.

Question: Who is the MisterNeck™ for?
Answer: The MisterNeck™ is for people of all ages and sizes from all walks of life. If you suffer from neck pain and stiffness, you can find relief and
improve your quality of life.

Question: Does the MisterNeck™ fit all neck sizes?
Answer: Yes! The MisterNeck™ features adjustable velcro straps that allow it to expand as needed for an optimal fit.

Question: Will the MisterNeck™ work as a travel pillow?
Answer: Yes, if you suffer from neck stiffness, then the MisterNeck™ will be a perfect add-on to your daily travels.

Question: Is the MisterNeck™ effective against migraines?
Answer: Yes! If you have neck pain induced migraines, this can most certainly improve your headaches.